Aggregate group item when member is null

Any idea how I can aggregate light states to a group item if you have a member whose state is null?
for any reason I always get ON as aggregated state no matter if I configure the function as

  • All OFF then OFF else ON


  • One ON then ON else OFF

Sure, but you have to tell us what end result you want.

The examples you give are working as intended.

That’s what is commonly used with lights; if any one member or more are ON, the Group says ON. NULLs are ignored.

I thought that was clear because of the function. Nevertheless, the group item should be ON if one member is ON, else OFF

Unfortunately not. All members are OFF, one is NULL and the group item’s state is ON

You’ve been editing. Maybe the Group has not yet picked up the changed function, but be aware the Group state won’t get updated until one of your Item states changes.


found out that NULLis interpreted as ON from aggregation function

That’s definitely a bug then.