Air conditioner monitoring on and off


has anyone tried puting vibration sensor on the AC unit? inside or outside ?

i use to do this with power monitor of sonoff POW
but now i have 3 phase invertor motor and i dont want to DIY it
also i have somthing like 7 ac units now , and it will be allot of work

i was thinking about zigbee vibration sensor on the outside units , and some kind of rule…
any thoutgs ?

What ac devices do you have?
What is it you want to achieve?
My trade is refrigeration and air conditioning so I may be able to help with what you want to do.

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i want a cheap way to tell me home if the AC is on and off
i have 7 AC units … i want some kind of wireless sensor that is not conncted to the mains

Would WiFi energy-monitoring plugs not work? I know they’re connected to AC, but they’re otherwise perfectly suited to this application, and I would guess cheaper than Sonoff vibration sensors.

Makes / models??

i live in israel i dont have many options for smart sockets , our socket is diffrent when you want to use ground … so no power monitor models that i have seen yet
also i have 2 units that dont have regluer plugs(big strange ones)

i have a mix of tadiran , electra (israel brands)
and one PILOT …

What about using something like a Shelly EM…
You’ll actually get useful data too rather than just ‘my units vibrating’.
The three phase part of the outdoor is after the electrical input terminals. Basically, it takes 230v, converts it to 400v+ dc and then back to ac but creates three out of sync waveforms (3 phases).
Because of this, the system can alter the frequency during conversion and therefore change the speed of the compressor instead of it just being on/off. This is what saves energy.

230v, just wire it into the line and neutral on the outdoor unit (stick an inline fuse on the line) and pop the clamp round the line supplying the outdoor.


thats a litle expnsive for just knowing if its on and off…
i am just trying to avoid sending off msg while the AC is off

its not that of a pain but my entire home his beeping once i press all off… just anoying
i am using IR (Broadlink for control ) but it will help me allot to know if its on or off

So if you want to go cheap you could get a Shelly uni

Power it at the indoor unit and stick a temp sensor on it connected to the indoor unit coil, then you’ll know if it’s running as it’ll be cold or hot (depending on mode)

Are you only controlling the AC units with openHAB via IR? Because if so, you can set up virtual switches that you’ll use to store the current state based on the commands you send. I do this with my IR-controlled fan.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work if you’re also controlling the units manually, since OH won’t know that the state has changed.

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The broadlink and other IR devices can receive the command from the remote and update the state in openHAB.

I have Sensibo devices for my aircon that do this I bought them at Kickstarter stage years ago.


yep i can do that also but its not ideal …i rather know if on or off
and not trust on last command

will look into it thank you

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