Air Conditioner WIFI

Hello guys, sorry for newbie question, but there is any way to connect my Wifi AC to Openhab?

I have a wifi ac that work with an App, and I wonder if there is any way to connect that with OH.

Thank you.

It depends on few aspects - mainly on how app connects to AC. You can check Mitsubishi Melcloud thread to see how people with Japanese equipment managed to get it through.


To control the APP I need on my phone to connect AC WIFI , is have a long name and password that I know, the only question is if I can connect the OH, the Git you sent me wont help me.

Sorry for diving too fast. First - check your device manufacturer and device model. Once you have these two factors you can check if there was an earlier interest in such a device or manufacturer. So far we know you have a wifi enabled AC device. Network connectivity makes it easier but does not guarantee if openHAB will be able to take control over it at this very moment.


I am not sure if I understand.
I’ve the AC manufacture, and the device model as well.

What do you mean by check if there interest? where?

Hi @CiZeR, what @splatch means is that you should, with the brand and model of your AC equipment, search in the community forum or in google if someone has already done some work to support your AC in any Home Aiutomation system. Having found that would be a big step forward.

You should start by posting here the brand and model of your AC, maybe someone can help you having that.

I’ve looked for it but I didnt found and I will explain: I am from isreal, and my bran and model are isrealy product. And as you may know, we are a small country so the chance I’ll find solution to my problem is very small.

What can I do :frowning:

Look at the company’s web site and see if they provide an API. If they do not then give up, it can’t be supported without someone spending a huge amount of time to reverse engineer the API.

Since you won’t provide the make and model here we can’t help. Since you’ve searched and not found any postings here there is likely no one here using this device so won’t be able to help either.

With the information provided there is absolutely nothing we can do to help. Just because it supports WiFi tells us almost nothing.

I see, well first of all thank you so much for all your help here.
Just last question I am not sure I understand the API, like I am not sure I know what to search, can you explain more about that API, if I will not found I will really have to give up.

You can learn what an API is from the web. It is not something specific to openHAB.

As others have said, the manufacturer either provides an API or they don’t. If you do find an API for your air conditioner, please post about it here, along with the make and model of your device. Then, someone can tell you whether or not a binding exists.

It is possible that the company in Isreal is importing air conditioners from an Asian manufacturer. If so, it is possible that the Asian company has published an API, and possible that someone here has already enabled it to work in openHAB. This is your best chance of success…and it is a very slim chance.

If that’s not the case, then it’s probably time to accept that your air conditioner isn’t going to work with openHAB.

I really must say that I am very happy to see all the help here, and even if I can not find a solution. Thank you very much for all the time you devote here in the forum to help me and other people.
I will probbely give up, because I can’t find any API that “Tornado” post.
Any way , again, thank you so much!

I think that’s probably the sensible course of action. I suggest getting more comfortable with openHAB, and a lot of things will become easier to understand. I’ve definitely found that to be the case for myself!

Yes, one can set up their ac to connected through the wifi to open hub I done it with my own but after some days it did not work properly and I have to call the ac repair for fixing the issue they told that I have to installed the newer version of the app.

This might help:

Before you startes there are some prerequesites.
1.) You do everything on your own risk.
2.) you know what you do and you don’t care about warranty
3.) you can affort damaging your climate.
4.) your controller is a BMS-IWF0320
5.) You don’t blame me for any damages.
So let’s start:
root your box
power down
open the box
take the sd card out an put int in a computer from which you can access it. (ext4 filesystem)

create a ssh-keypair and copy the public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
be sure that the .ssh and authorized_keys is owned by root and has permissions directory permissions
700 and file permissions 600.
Its a good Idea to make a full backup of the sd-card.
put the card back in the box and boot it.
When it’s up you can ssh to it as root without password.
rabbitmqctl add_user <your_user> <your_password
rabbitmqctl set_user_tags <your_user> administrator
rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / <your_user> “." ".” “.*”
create a ssh-tunnel from your machine to the box port 15672
open http://: in a browser
login with guest guest
select exchanges and open amq.topic
bind exchange scalabe.controller.notify to exchange amq.topic with topic status
bind exchange amq.topic to exchange scalable.controller.operation with topic set
now you cann access your climate via mqtt
status topic is status and command topic set
command is set via the following json-string:
Id is the number of the unit to control. It’s the same order as in the app.
OnOff has value 2 for off and 3 for on
Mode must have a value. I konw that mode 1 is heating and 3 is ventilation
probably 0 is auto 2 is cooling and 4 is drying
leave all other values null unless you want to change them.

A second unintrusive way is via the API. I’ve done some research, but since there is need for some sort of daemon receiving the commands and sending them to the api on a persistent connection this was is too complex for me and my programming skills.