Air Conditioner with Alexa support

Hey, i got 4 new Air Conditioner from a brand named “Home Deluxe”. They support WLAN with Alex and Google Home. Now my plan is to integrate them to my openhab instance.

In my opinion the Air Conditioner need a protocal which can be understood by akex/google. Is there anything they normally use? I haven’t find any informations about this brand especially.

Any tipps on getting started ? Best solution would be to directly control the AC but maybe an easier way would be to use an alexa binding for this?

Indeed, they use Alexa and Google’s published API.

But that’s not something you will be able to replace as that API is generally cloud to cloud. So what you need to do is either find out whether Home Deluxe publishes an API that openHAB can interact with or you’ll have to control the device through Alexa using the Amazon Echo Control Binding (note Google does not support controlling devices in this way through it’s API).

This is almost never an option. WiFi devices almost always require going through a cloud API.

Most smart devices like Air Conditioners use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. However, since Home Deluxe seems to be a lesser-known brand, I couldn’t find specific information on their compatibility. But no worries, we can still figure this out! To get started, you have a couple of options. The best solution would be to directly control the AC, but it might require some technical expertise. If you’re up for the challenge, you can dive into the documentation or reach out to the manufacturer for assistance. If you prefer a simpler approach, using an Alexa binding could be a good bet. It may provide an easier integration process, saving you some time and effort. You can explore the openhab community forums for tips, tricks, and maybe even some pre-existing solutions shared by other users who have tackled similar setups. By the way, if you’re also in need of an Air Dehumidifier, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Actually, there are a lot of BT-controlled options.

“Home Deluxe” is very likely just a ‘rebrand’ of some other major appliance manufacturer. It is highly unlikely they are building their own A/C system from the ground up.
You need to start with who is the OEM (i.e. Mitsubishi or LG or Midea) or whom every it is. I only listed the “big 3” there are many more. Once you figure out who really built the unit that will decide what protocol and direction the binding development should be based on.