Air Quality changes and documentation


I am struggling with the documentation of the Air Quality - Bindings | openHAB Binding - it looks like there has been some changes in the past couple of weeks so mine wasn’t running anymore. Creating a bridge and getting a token was easy. Nevertheless the documentation now seems to show some old examples that don’t fit with the updated binding.

Examples refer to item=Aqi_Description which existed with the outdated binding and worked in my previous configuration.

Has someone a working example with Aqi Level, Aqi Description and Aqi Pictogram I could use in my sitemap?

Regardless of the binding it always works the same. If you are using .items files you link the Item to the Channel the same way:

{ channelid="the:channel:id" }

If you compare the docs for the 3.1 version of the binding with the 3.2 version you will see that the list of channels is significantly different. I also vaguely remember Air Quality listing a number of breaking changes in 3.2 release.

I suspect the sitemap and rules examples didn’t get updated. But the list of available Channels appears to be current. There isn’t a Description, or Level (which appears to be replaced with an index channel). The Pictogram channel may have been renamed too.

Thank you for confirming that a major change has taken place here. This explains why it no longer worked for me and the discrepancies in the documentation.

But it would still be great if the developer could give a few more hints. For example, the old field Aqi_Description, which no longer exists, is still used in the documentation. The new field should be the AirQualityStation_AlertLevel. However, this is now a number field and currently outputs 0 as the value for me via text item, which is translated as “Good” in the UI. It is not mentioned at all in the documentation. Where is this mapping found, what other values are there and how are they mapped where?

All in all, it’s confusing for me who has had a running solution before, but guaranteed to be very frustrating for new users. If necessary, it would even be better if the examples in the documentation were deleted completely, as they offer no help at all.

The binding is able to provide State Description metadata to Items that are linked to its Channels. In this case it’s providing Options` which map the Item’s value to a text String. You can override that if desired by supplying your own Options I believe.

Issues and PRs are always welcome.