Air quality

As we have a passive house, the idea is to not open our windows and have a air ventilation system D, take care of our air.

We would like to monitor the quality in our house/ rooms.

When I look for systems, I find independent devices that we can put on a desk/table.

As we are using openhab, I would really like to have a system that talks to openhab, or at least stores it data in an open way so we can query it from openhab or a dashboard I can integrate.

The Air Quality binding shows the quality of the air outside as collected by
I would like to record our own.

On top, my partner prefer to have a system that looks as slick as the independent devices (read: no arduino/raspberry pi/computer)

Anyone have an idea what to use?

See this post.

Thanks. I did see that, yet that does not help me. This is not a device I can put in every room. As far as I can see, we need to set a computer or a raspberry pi in every room, this is exactly what my partner does not want.
Or did I miss anything?

What’s the problem with putting a Pi or Pi Zero W in a room ? You can easily hide them, and you don’t need them in every room.

Again, my partner wants other devices. We don’t want to hide them. For you that might be OK, not for us.

What would you like to monitor?
Temperature, humidity, dust?
You can easily connect cheap sensors on a wemos mini
and with Tasmota firmware you get the infos via mqtt.

Or direct from ITEAD with Tasmota firmware

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what about Netatmo? You can check temperature, humidity and CO2.

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I second the Netatmo, they even have a sort of healthy home coach.

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There is a xiaomi one:

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Well usually PM2.5 are less significant for indoor, at least less than CO2.

But if you are interested in PM you can also consider MCHOME zwave devices like:

I have the PM10 version. You should have indoor to check if your F7 filters work as expected. But CO2 is still the worse issue you can have indoor. VOC can be managed using good furnitures.

Hope this helps

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a FULL operating system just to sense/monitor air quality? That’s like killing a bee with a bazooka :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what I use:
GP2Y1010AU0F - $3 from AliExpress
ESP8266-01 - $2 from AliExpress

That’s it. I use these to monitor the air quality of my 3d printer enclosure to automatically control the exhaust fan. And I also have 1 in the room itself (aside from the enclosure) and it will send me a text message once a certain level is reached. The sensor only requires 1 signal wire. The ESP8266-01 is at 3.3V so it already matches the 3.3V requirement of the sensore for V-led. If you don’t have a 3.3V power supply, use a stepdown buck converter, or just a voltage regulator like LM1117.

So there you go, a good DIY for a WIFI-enabled air quality sensor for approx $5, which you can expand later on. ESP8266-01 has 4 ‘readily’ available GPIOs (0/2/rx/tx) which you can use. Of course, you can always solder directly onto the SOC if you need more pins :smiley:

As far as aesthetics, I 3D print my own cases. If you don’t have one, just be creative. Put it behind a photo frame, or in a candle warmer (the one with both sides open). If you want to spend $$$$$, then yeah, just go with the suggestions above.

We went for a netatmo.
A design my partner likes, and out of the box configuration in openhab.
Everybody happy.

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as I live near to an oil refinery, I am thinking about measuring the outdoor TVOC level, and switch off the ventilation when TVOC increases, in order to keep the smell out of the house.

I was only able to find indoor smart TVOC sensors (e.g. Xiaomi Mijia, JQ-300) so far. Any idea how to approach this challenge?

I’m using this with a RPi3. You can put that combo in a decent enclosure and put it outside (RPi has WiFi).

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I’m also considering a Netatmo solution, did you choose the Healthy Home Coach ?
Are you still satisfied?