Airconditioner remote

I built a remote control for air conditioner through esp
And I connected it to oh2
What I’m trying to do now is:
Sometimes set the hours on and off by hours
It is possible to create operating and shutdown hours through the GUI that can be directed through the software
Or is it possible only through the rules, and to change the rules must be edited the rules files?

I would suspect it has to be done via rules, but the rules can be managed via items (instead of the rule code). Do a google for “Openhab alarm clock” to get inspiration. And actually, you might have almost a complete solution here: Individual Alarm clock for each Day of week, with adjustable duration

We get this question all the time. The short answer is not really. I use the Gcal binding with a Google calendar.
You can also have a look at the links above.

Thank you
I did not know it could be done
I will try and update

I checked, it does’t work
I created three files
sitemap, rules, items
And copied the code from the site
The code works, but I do not see the numbers
Even when I press the arrows
I tried a few more alarm clock codes and all of them I do not see the clock numbers
Apart from these three files, should I install something else?

Thank you

Hi Yosi, show us your sitemap, rules and item files with code fences.

I did this today for my Heater, I cant see why its any different to yours and mine works fine (not using a calender, just using cron time)