Airthings View Plus?

Hi, I recently purchased a Airthings View Plus, but without checking API support etc. Turns out that they have a online API, but I really do not want to be connected to the internet, and their servers from a privacy point of view.
So my question is if there’s any hope for the bluetooth binding being updated to the View plus, or indeed if anyone already has this up and running one way or another?

It will require finding someone with an Airthings View Plus device as well as the time and skills (or willingness to learn the skills) to implement something. Given that it’s still on preorder that first part will be quite the challenge.

Also, a quick scan indicates that the View Plus is WiFi, not BTLE, only using Bluetooth for configuration, so in all likelihood their online API is going to be the only option.

Yes, this was my question - if anyone had started doing this.

Yes, it is wifi, but that is only reporting to their cloud service. But as far as I can tell, the BT also are for providing data much like the older devices (I don’t have any of those).
I suppose I can just disable the wifi and see if it works fine without as a first step, just to be sure.

I just purchased mine in one of the larger electronic stores over here when strolling around in the shop, some weeks ago, so it is certainly not just preorder. I think their website must not be updated. But maybe I’m the first in oh community, though?

Nah, I think you where correct, this unit does not seem work properly without internet at all. And given that it is horribly slow measuring as well, it is not a keeper.
I’ll await and see if next fw does it any good, otherwise it will be passed on, or thrown into recycle bin. Really rather useless if privacy is of any concern. Lesson; Never buy something without googling it first.

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