AirZone local API binding


I have just published a binding that connects to the “local API” of an AirZone HVAC WebSever.
This is usually used with ducted air conditioning systems that allows control of individual zones.

It supports openHAB 3.4 and later and its source code is hosted at GitHub

Three things are supported:

  1. Bridge to represent the actual connection to the webserver. The IP address is the only required configuration parameter, others have appropriate default values.
  2. System to represent a system connected to the AirZone device. Usually there is only one system which is the outdoor/indoor air conditioning unit.
  3. Zone to represent a zone controlled by the AirZone device. Usually these are rooms like bedroom, office, living room…

It offers channels or properties for all HVAC values described in the latest PDF documentation that I could find, plus two channels that match values returned by my system despite not being documented.
Note that I have not implemented domestic hot water (DHW) related channels as I don’t have such a device, nor am I sure how this should be represented.

Systems and zones are automatically discovered and placed in the inbox.

I have not implemented discovery for the bridge itself as it would need DHCP sniffing which is not reliable and error prone as the possible MAC address prefixes are quite numerous.

I have the following left to do:

  • French translation
  • Code abstractions to allow for unit testing

The current version is 0.1.0 and while it works just fine with my current setup, I’d be happy to have feedback and reviews from other users, either on the functionality or on the source code.

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Thank you for your great job!
I’ve just posted a feedback here: AirZone local API binding [3.4.0;4.1.0) - #2 by Jetblack31


Version 0.2.0 is almost ready, I just can’t compile it for 3.4.x anymore but I can’t figure out why so I have asked for help.
Anyhow, you may want to retrieve an artifact from the latest build: Build AirZone binding · obones/openhab-binding-airzone@637dd70 · GitHub

Once the build issue is resolved, I’ll make a proper announcement

Version 0.2.2 is out with fixes for the “All zones” thing on older systems.

I am a little bit new on openhab and bindings external add-on.

I have placed the .jar release file in the addon folder and I see it in the main menu but nothing I can do.

Is there anything I must do? Maybe using openhab console? I didnt find any spot where indicate IP aswell.

FYI: I have 2 internal systems (5 rooms) and 1 external.

Thanks for your feedback,

Did you try adding a new Bridge thing by hitting the big blue plus button in the Things menu section. Don‘t know about this Binding, but not all support autodiscovery…

Yes, adding and configuring a bridge manually is required because there is no clean and easy way to detect it on the network.
After it has been connected, the Zone things are automatically discovered.

Works great after bridge adding.

Now - I am fighting on “Operating Mode” on SiteMap.
I just want to add 3 MODES: Heating, Cooling, Dry.

Selection icon=fan item=AirZone__All_zones_system_1_Operation_mode label=“Modalità S1”
This line works great but it shows me all the operation modes which are not interesting to me.

Selection item=AirZone__All_zones_system_1_Operation_mode label=“Modalità S1 TEST” mappings=[2=“Cooling”, 5=Dry, 3=Heating]
This line is not working (it doesnt change the operation mode).

Any idea ?

I believe this has nothing to do with the binding, maybe you’ll get better help in the items & sitemaps category.

You right.
I was sending the wrong commands.


Version 0.2.3 is out which fixes an issue with the “speeds” field