Ajax alarm system integration

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if any of the Ajax alarm system devices can be integrated in the openhab ecosystem?

Or can anyone suggest a wireless home alarm system that can easily be integrated?


Was this that I was looking for?

I’m really interested on this,too!!!
I’d like to read sensors status and global alarm status.

I’d like, for example, to know the status of “Door protect plus” sensor (my windows are opened or tilted?), or if the alarm is on or off…
How can I communicate with the Hub? (Rest API or something else?)
Is “uartBridge” the right solution?

Thanks a lot.

It seems like HA has it working with the sia protocol.

Is it possible to use the Satel binding some way??



Is there any news about this system into openhab?


take a look here : Always send new line of a file to a mqtt broker - #8 by Flop