Alarm clock project : Problems with webaudio sink

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I’m trying to setup a HABPanel Alarm clock with a Android phone. Everything went well until I reach the audio part…
I have trying to play with audio sink and webaudio, since HABPanel register to those events.
My first try was to stream some radio with playStream function but I couldn’t manage to listen any radio streams I’ve got (12 webradio I use to cast to chromecast audio devices)… No error from openhab side… but no sound at all… So I switched to the playsound system to try to play a mp3 file, and it work ! but it seem impossible to stop it when you have launched it. That weird but it seem not to be build for …

Is anybody here have successfully used playstream with webaudio sink ? or would have a trick to stop mp3 playback with playsound ?

In last, is anybody have a good solution to remote launch (and stop) from openhab rule a webradio stream or mp3, to an Android device ? Maybe with a piece of software…

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Did you find the solution ?
I am looking for the solution I have 34 web radio links as each of my family member have different choice .
On by updating sound setting in paper UI Sink is working with Google Home or google cast . but this limits my radio function to only one device (Google Home).
If webaudio works the each of then user in my home will get his own choice music…
If Sink to device works then user will also get the choice of play device .

Hello !

Not a solution, but a workaround, I managed to do this with the unpolished but welcomed upnp binding : DLNA / UPNP binding and bubble upnp on my android device… it works pretty well.