Alarm clock Trigger Some Action?


I am trying to implement auto off Devices when specific Alarm is triggered Daily. I have seen people using user input Scripts and all… but is there any readymade Alarm Clock which triggers some action on Alarm ?

I know i can Cron job to do some actions in rules, but i want some user settable parameters like hours / minutes for alarm action.

My requirement is :slight_smile: as below ::
When i wakup with alarm in morning… Fan (Already Configured in OH2) should turn off (Due to Alarm).

Any Idea / Direction ? I want to use changeable Hour / Minutes from Mobile Openhab Application.

Have you looked at the rules engine in PaperUI. I tried it when it first came out and it worked for what I was using it for. If your looking for an easy way to modify a rule from your mobile, check if PaperUI in accessible via the App, and give that a try.
The only other option I know if would be something like :

An alexa or Google home should be able to function as an alarm clock.

share your openhab items and fire a routine. I currently use alexa and do this for my girls.