Alarm-decoder & EVL-3

I am just starting to create my openHAB system. I’ve had a Veralite system for the last two years or so and want to upgrade my home automation system.

I have 1.8.2 running on my rpi3/jessie and plan on using the Vera as my z-wave controller. So far I only have set up the binding on my Pioneer Receiver and it works 10x better than my Vera. :grinning:

I have a Vista 20P alarm system connected to my Vera via an EVL-3 addon. Has anyone been able to bind the EVL-3 using alarm-decoder? I have seen the notes on using the serial and usb methods, but I wondered if the ip address method works? Or should I leave it connected to the Vera and use the MIOS binding to control/monitor the alarm?