Alarm item group - set dynamic icon based on an item state?

I’ve got an alarm group I use for putting in the sitemap with a single entry:

Frame label="Alarm" {
         Group item=g_alarm label="Alarm" icon="shield"

One of the items is the arm_state of the alarm.
Can I use the state of the arm_state item to set a dynamic icon on the group to show if armed, disarmed?

I am afraid not, the dynamic icons are reflecting the state of the item on te sitemap, it can’t be another one.

I think I’ve found a solution using visibility…

So the icon item, I thought that had a black and green version.
How would I find them?

Frame label="Alarm" {
         Group item=g_alarm label="Alarm" icon="house" visibility=[ alarm_state_arm_disarm==OFF]
         Group item=g_alarm label="Alarm On" icon="presence" visibility=[ alarm_state_arm_disarm==ON]

Reference: Change icon on Group item

Yes, that’s the workaround :slight_smile: