Alarm system with OpenHAB

Currently I am migrating bit by bit from my old Fibaro HS2 System to OpenHAB2 (running on a PI3 but target is a new Synology). After I have included a few bindings like Homematic (Windows, Thermostat,…), Astro, Fritzbox, Denon, Samsung, Kodi, Weather, … I successfully included the first Z-Wave device last weekend. It´s a Fibaro wall plug and it is working fine after some testing :slight_smile:
Now I wonder whether someone is using the OpenHAB equipment as an alarm-system instead of a separate alarm system. I have a motion sensor and a few windows sensor. What I now need is something similar to the feature that Fibaro offers: An UI (widget for HAbpanel) where you can arm and disarm the alarm system by e.g. entering a four digit pin. I have a wall mounted tablet next to the main door.
Using the search function and google I was not able to find something similar.

This sort of thing?

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