AlarmDecoder binding - Night Mode?

The Ademco Vista 20P security panel offers multiple states of armed. The most popular are OFF, STAY, AWAY. There is another state called NIGHT STAY. This one is nice as you can include interior motion detectors in with the perimeter door sensors during the night when you are sleeping.

Is it possible to arm NIGHT STAY through the AlarmDecoder binding?

After doing some more research… I don’t think it’s possible. According to their documentation, they are stating that STAY/NIGHT are the same thing, but according the Vista 20P panel, they are not.

Position Description
1 Indicates if the panel is READY
2 Indicates if the panel is ARMED AWAY
3 Indicates if the panel is ARMED HOME
4 Indicates if the keypad backlight is on
5 Indicates if the keypad is in programming mode
6 Number (1-7) indicating how many beeps are associated with the message
7 Indicates that a zone has been bypassed
8 Indicates if the panel is on AC power
9 Indicates if the chime is enabled
10 Indicates that an alarm has occurred. This is sticky and will be cleared after a second disarm.
11 Indicates that an alarm is currently sounding. This is cleared after the first disarm.
12 Indicates that the battery is low
13 Indicates that entry delay is off (ARMED INSTANT/MAX)
14 Indicates that there is a fire
15 Indicates a system issue
16 Indicates that the panel is only watching the perimeter (ARMED STAY/NIGHT)
17 System specific bits. 4 bits packed into a HEX Nibble [0-9,A-F]
18 Ademco or DSC Mode A or D
19 Unused
20 Unused

If you are including motion detectors, how would it be different from Away?

Because you can choose which motion detectors are included in NIGHT STAY vs all of them in AWAY.

Makes sense. Don’t remember seeing that in the docs for my 20P, I’ll have to reread them!

That being said, if you can arm in that mode from a keypad, you should be able to send the same keypresses via the binding.

I can only arm NIGHT STAY via the 6160 wired panel. We have a wireless 5828V panel that can display if NIGHT mode is on, but it can’t enable it… I actually have the EVL-4 wired into the Vista 20P, but it too cannot enable NIGHT STAY.

You might try sending <code>33. I’ve seen a couple references in my googling to that being the sequence for arming in NIGHT STAY. One place mentioned that you can’t use quick arm for Night Stay, so you’d have to embed your code somewhere. I’m away from home ATM, so I can’t test it on mine.

You know… That kind of makes sense to me… I’m new to this integrating things into openHAB so I’ve limited my thinking to making things like the Honeywell alarm panels work when it’s probably easier to make it work through openHAB. Their wireless keypad had a lot of shortcomings in the firmware for sure. It would make sense that because I can do it on my 6160 keypad that I should be able to send the right command to the Vista 20P to do the same thing.

Old post, but in case others searching:

I believe NIGHT STAY is the same as INSTANT and you can accomplish this by sending the following:


Switch armInstant 		            "Arm Instant"         		                    (gPanel)    {alarmdecoder="SEND#ON=POUND7", autoupdate="false"}


rule "Arm Instant"
       Time cron "0 00 21 * * ?"

Alarm log messages from using Touchscreen NIGHT and using above, respectively:

[0011030110001000----],008,[f70200ff1008038ca8020000000000],"ARMED *INSTANT* You may exit now"
[0011030110001000----],008,[f70200ff1008038ca8020000000000],"ARMED *INSTANT* You may exit now"