AlarmDecoder - status monitor

I’m using the AlarmDecoder binding with my Ademco Vista 20P panel. It works well, but once in a while the binding stops working. It hasn’t happened often enough for me to have any insight as to the reason (restarting OH always fixes it), but for now, I’m just accepting that it may stop now and then.

I’d like to have a monitor that would be able to alert me if the binding stops working. So far, I have a rule on changes to the panel display that updates a “last Update” timestamp. I could set up a rule to fire if this has not changed in some time, but there can be long periods of time where the display doesn’t change when everything is working fine. I’m considering a cron job to send “*” to the panel every so often (I’m assuming this will cause a display change when armed, as it does when disarmed, but will test first). This would (presumably) focer a change to the display on a regular basis, which would allow me to set a reasonable interval (say an hour) for timing out on no updates.

I’m posting here in search of better ideas for catching this. I will start a separate thread the next time the binding stops to try to diagnose the root cause, but still would want this ability to detect failures, since some failures could also be upstream of openhab,

I have noticed the same problem, but was unable to track down the root cause. The key problem is that I don’t know how to get a stack trace once it hangs. Are there any java developers out there who have been able to get a stack trace under OpenHAB? I tried jstack and a bunch of other methods but none of them seemed to work. I have used the same tools before in other projects and was able to get a stack trace, but not under openhab.