Alert if unable to connect to InfluxDB

I’m using the latest OpenHAB in docker. For persistence and to track temperature and humidity in my home I use InfluxDB 2 with a self-signed certificate. I have a bash script that I run within the OpenHAB container in order to import the self-signed certificate. However, every now and then while testing or more recently when moving from docker-compose to the plugin version docker compose v2 I ended up re-creating the container and it stopped connecting to InfluxDB. I could see the Java errors in the openhab.log file but I didn’t notice this until almost a week after the fact.

I was wondering if there is a way that OpenHAB could periodically generate alerts if or when it is unable to connect to certain bindings etc

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

p.s. I have rules on OpenHAB that combined with mqttwarn I use to send temperature and humidity alerts to myself via Telegram. Would be great to use that if possible

have a look at

Thank you very much indeed. That did the trick.