Alert List for OH

Hi all,
I am looking for an alert list for OH2. I’d like to be able to add alerts to the list, including an icon per alert and an alert ID. The ID will later be used to clear the alert again when it is no longer valid. I want to use this alert list on habPanel for display and also to notifications on my smartphone.

Humidity in the living room goes below 40%. The following alert is set:
alert ID = livingroom_humidity
alert text = "Humidity in living room is " + living_hum.state.toString + “%”
alert icon = humidity_low.png

When the humidity goes above 40% the alert is cleared and no longer displayed in the list in habPanel. Setting and clearing would be done in rules.

Is there anything existing that I can use or do I need to build it using eg virtual devices for each alert type and group them in some kind of gAlerts group and then write my own widget?

This is pretty similar to the “notification infrastructure” feature which unfortunately stalled.
If you’d be interested to revive it, feel free!

I yesterday started to look into grafana which has an alerting function. Not sure if that works, but I had the impression You might be able to build something with a set of rules, influxdb and grafana.

Yes I have already looked into grafana. However, it can only set one alert per chart. So to monitor for example humidity below 40% and set a “humidity low” alert while setting a “Humidity high” alert for values >60% you need to define to charts. This means I need per room several charts only for alerts. I don’t think this is good to maintain. And I want to have as much as possible in OH and not spread across different tools.

I don’t use HABPanal but if it has the equivalent of the visibility tag in sitemaps, you can get fairly far towards implementing this using Items and the visibility tag. something like:

Text item=BedroomHumidity label="Humidity in living room is [%d %%]" icon=humidity_low visibility=[BedroomHumidity < 40]

That element will only appear on the sitemap if the value of BedroomHumidity is below 40.

Thanks, Rich. This is similar to what I will probably do: define a virtual switch item for each alert, group them, build a custom widget for HABPanel to display the active alerts (switch=on). In addition I will build a rule to send a message to my smartphone.

There is already a custom widget available in the gallery

Not sure if this what you are looking for. Maybe this helps.

Thanks, Sebastian. I will definitely look at it. It’s a bit different to what I had in mind, but may concept for the dashboard is still work in progress and I am collecting ideas to see what works best for me.

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