Alert notification with openHAB Cloud Connector

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Laptop 8GB ram
  • OS: Windows 7

So, I am trying to setup alert notifications to my phone.
I followed all the guides I found in the Web.
I installed the addon “openHAB Cloud Connector”.
I created an account in myOpenHab, and linked it succefully to my OH insnace.
In the myOpenHab I can see the server is online.
I also installed on my phone the OH app.
From the website myOpenHab I can send test alerts to my phone.

My problem:
I want for instance that each time the door is open to get alert in the phone.
I defined a rule but I’m afraid that I am missing something.
I opened the “Rules” and on “when” added a condition as in the image attached.

In “then” I added the action I choosed javascript and in the script:
sendBroadcastNotification(“Open door!”)
sendLogNotification(“Open door!”)
As in the image attached.

It seems that nothing work. What do I miss?

The open hab cloud works as my notifications are sent. but i use text based rules not the new engen. so can’t really help on that part.

How do you use text based rules?
is there any guide?

Pretty much all of the documentation is about text based Rules. Take note of the “Experimental” in the name of the UI based Rules. It has many known bugs, is rapidly changing, and poorly documented.

See Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine Documentation 5 of : Actions (near the end of the OP are examples of calling the notification Actions).

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There is alot of examples in the forum. just search for them.

some of them.

The Thing with the rules are try read and some more reading.