Alexa alarm

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(Kim Skatun) #1

Is the only way to get alexa to do stuff with OH2 items when the alarm goes of to use IFTTT?

(SiHui) #2

No, you don’t have to use IFTTT at all.

Take a look here on how to use the Alexa skill with myopenhab:

or take a look at the hue emulation service if you don’t want to use the skill and myopenhab:

(Kim Skatun) #3

Yes, I use those, but as far as I know they can not trigger a switch in openhab when the Alexa alarm/timer goes off or did I miss something?

(SiHui) #4

Okay, now I think I understand: you want to use the internal Alexa timer to trigger a switch in openHAB?
I have not tested that yet, but when I go to the setup of that IFTTT sketch I get:

so I assume this would only work with HUE lights. But I’m not sure …

(Kim Skatun) #5

Well it works fine, with IFTTT. I just wanted it to run without being dependent of IFTTT and was wondering if this was possible, but it looks like it isnt.

(SiHui) #6

With generic openHAB items or just with HUE?

(Kim Skatun) #7

I am setting the openhab item vTimeOfDay to MORNING