Alexa and default rollershutter for room

i’m setting my openhab for integrate my bticino with alexa, i setup the lights without problems (if i use “alexa turn on all lights” it works for all rooms)
the problem is with the shutters, if i setup a shutter in a room and try to use a generic name like “alexa raise shutter” it ask me which 1 u wanna raise so i have to call the exact name even if i’m in the room
and i think for the same reason i can’t use “alexa raise all shutters/blind/ecc”

i tried this (json from userdata/jsondb $ sudo nano org.openhab.core.items.Metadata.json )

"alexa:SerrandaStudio": {
    "class": "org.openhab.core.items.Metadata",
    "value": {
      "key": {
        "segments": [
        "uid": "alexa:SerrandaStudio"
      "value": "Shutter.RangeValue",
      "configuration": {
        "actionMappings": [
        "retrievable": false,
        "stateMappings": [
        "supportedCommands": [
        "supportedRange": "0:100:10"

and i can say raise at 50% and it works
but i need to call the device name and can’t use a generic name
what i’m missing in the configuration?

As per my understanding this is unrelated to openhab configuration but only related to your Alexa settings.

As per my understanding “Turn on lights” is only working if your echo device and the lights are on the same group/room. Therefore maybe check within your alexa app, how you have organized your groups and if the echo and your shutters are member of the same group

if i say “turn ALL lights on” it will turn all the home lights (ignore groups)
i think bc light are recognized as a special word

and u see the light outside the alexa app
for ex i can turn on the light with multiple words (not necessary the device name)
but isn’t the same for my rollershutter and i think this will make the difference
i read people write rules with something like friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening",
but i don’t see in the man openHAB Skill For Amazon Alexa | openHAB that param mentionated, from the name it can be my solution… but maybe is something from old versions?

As @Matze0211 mentioned, this is something out of the skill control. Basically, only a handful of display categories such as lights are supported part of the Alexa-enabled group feature. Unfortunately, blinds aren’t part of them as of yet. However, you can use the workaround below to accomplish what you want:

As a side note, I noticed that you are using the RangeValue attribute to control your shutter. Any reason why you don’t want to use the default PositionState attribute for Shutter?

i use rangevalue bc the example i found on this forum was always with rangevalue :smiley:
i think the link will help me, have to understand how it works since i always use the webUI and don’t know the format of the files
i think the webui help the noob user but on the other hand is harder to do what should be easy with the text (since u never learn that) btw i’ll study/test that and see if it works for my case :slight_smile: (probably from what i read)

That was prior to the new metadata syntax being released. You can simply configured your item as Alexa metadata value Shutter without the need to define any additional configuration parameters.