Alexa and Google Home Together

Is it possible to have both voice assistants connected to the HUE emulation at the same time? Our collection of toys has grown and was wondering if the tagged devices could be controlled by either device.


should work fine…but only if your Ghome is already setup and working using Hue Emulation method ( because you can no longer connect Ghome to hue-emulation software - Google /Phillips changed the authentication so you have to have a real Hue hub)

I’m not sure about Google Home, but I don’t see why not. My home as adopted the Amazon ecosystem. They both have different trigger words and operate on different ports.

My Google Home is new, so I have not connected it to HUE emulation. Can you point to any documentation of this new authentication? I never had to authenticate with the Alexa…just turned on HUE EMULATION In OH and everything worked.