Alexa and Heating/CUL Problem

I want to make Alexa switching my heating and switch on/off intertechno switches. Intertechno is controlled by a CUL and it works in Habpanel so far. Concerning the heating: A couple of days ago it worked when I said: Set Bedroom Temperature to 15 degrees (certainly in german) - Schalte Schlafzimmertemperatur auf 15 Grad - Alexa said “okay”.
Now she´s a bit confused about another item with the same name.

These are my configs:

Group gSchalterWohnraum "Wohnraum Schalter" ["Schalter"]
Group gSchalterFlur "Flur Schalter" [Schalter]
Group gSchalterKinderzimmer "Kinderzimmer Schalter" [Schalter]
Group gSchalterKueche "Kueche Schalter" [Schalter]


Group gThermoSchlafzimmer "Schlafzimmer Thermostat" ["Thermostat"]
Number Schlafzimmer_SetTemperature "Schlafzimmer Temperatur einstellen" (gThermostat, gThermoSchlafzimmer) [ "TargetTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatSchlafzimmer_Isttemperatur "Aktuelle Schlafzimmer Temperatur" (gThermoSchlafzimmer) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
String ThermostatSchlafzimmer_ModusDesGerTes "Schlafzimmer Thermostat Heating/Cooling Mode" (gThermoSchlafzimmer) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Switch Schlafzimmer_Auto "Schlafzimmer Auto" [ "Switchable" ]
String Schlafzimmer_Vac "Schlafzimmer Vac" [ "Switchable" ]
Contact Fensterkontakt_Schlafzimmer "Fensterkontakt Schlafzimmer"

Group gThermoKueche "Kueche Thermostat" ["Thermostat"]
Number Kueche_SetTemperature "Kuechen Temperatur einstellen" (gThermostat, gThermoKueche) [ "TargetTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatKueche_Isttemperatur "Aktuelle Kuechen Temperatur" (gThermoKueche) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
String ThermostatKueche_ModusDesGerTes "Kueche Thermostat Heating/Cooling Mode" (gThermoKueche) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Contact Fensterkontakt_Kueche "Fensterkontakt Kueche"

Group gThermoBadezimmer "Badezimmer Thermostat" ["Thermostat"]
Number Badezimmer_SetTemperature "Badezimmer Temperatur einstellen" (gThermostat, gThermoBadezimmer) [ "TargetTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatBadezimmer_Isttemperatur "Aktuelle Badezimmer Temperatur" (gThermoBadezimmer) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
String ThermostatBadezimmer_ModusDesGerTes "Badezimmer Thermostat Heating/Cooling Mode" (gThermoBadezimmer) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Contact Fensterkontakt_Badezimmer "Fensterkontakt Badezimmer"

Group gThermoKinderzimmer "Kinderzimmer Thermostat" ["Thermostat"]
Number Kinderzimmer_SetTemperature "Kinderzimmer Temperatur einstellen" (gThermostat, gThermoKinderzimmer) [ "TargetTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatKinderzimmer_Isttemperatur "Aktuelle Kinderzimmer Temperatur" (gThermoKinderzimmer) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
String ThermostatKinderzimmer_ModusDesGerTes "Kinderzimmer Thermostat Heating/Cooling Mode" (gThermoKinderzimmer) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Contact Fensterkontakt_Kinderzimmer "Fensterkontakt Kinderzimmer"

Group gThermoFlur "Flur Thermostat" ["Thermostat"]
Number Flur_SetTemperature "Flur Temperatur einstellen" (gThermostat, gThermoFlur) [ "TargetTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatFlur_Isttemperatur "Aktuelle Flur Temperatur" (gThermoFlur) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
String ThermostatFlur_ModusDesGerTes "Flur Thermostat Heating/Cooling Mode" (gThermoFlur) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]

Group gThermoWohnraum "Wohnraum Thermostat" ["Thermostat"]
Number Wohnraum_SetTemperature "Wohnraum Temperatur einstellen" (gThermostat, gThermoWohnraum) [ "TargetTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatWohnraum_Isttemperatur "Aktuelle Wohnraum Temperatur" (gThermoWohnraum) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
String ThermostatWohnraum_ModusDesGerTes "Wohnraum Thermostat Heating/Cooling Mode" (gThermoWohnraum) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Contact Fensterkontakt_Balkon "Fensterkontakt Balkon"

/* Mkalender */
String CalDav_Muelltonne   "Tonne [%s]"  <calendar> { caldavPersonal="calendar:muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:NAME" }
DateTime    CalDav_Date "Datum der Abholung [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"    <calendar>    { caldavPersonal="calendar:muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:START" }
DateTime date_today "Heute [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"   <calendar>  { channel="ntp:ntp:local:dateTime" }

Switch Glaserschrank "Glaeserschrank" (gSchalterWohnraum) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=FF000F000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Schrank_Kinderzimmer "Schrankkinderzimmer" (gSchalterKinderzimmer) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=0000F0000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Tvlampe "TV" (gSchalterWohnraum) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=FF0000000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Laterne_Diele "Laterne" (gSchalterFlur) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=F000F0000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Schrank_klein "Schrankklein" (gSchalterWohnraum) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=0F000F000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Nachtwaechter "Nacht Waechter" (gSchalterWohnraum) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=00000F000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Schrank_Flur "Schrankflur" (gSchalterFlur) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=000000000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Decke_Kueche1 "Tischkueche" (gSchalterKueche) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=0F00F0000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}
Switch Decke_Kueche2 "Eingangkueche" (gSchalterKueche) {culintertechno="type=raw;address=0F0000000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}

What about the CUL? How can I get that work with alexa and Homekit?

@marius3012…it doesn´t work anymore :blush:

As far as I have read, you need to tag items correctly in order to make them work with Alexa. I’d assume a tag “Ligthning” would be needed for your switches, it shouldn’t matter what in connected to those switches.
Concerning the problems with two items having the same name, we can only guess which ones show the problem, however a switch and a text item, both having the tag " switchable" might be a good candidate. What shall Alexa do for the text item?

But thats the point! The cul doesn‘t create an item in Paper ui. Is it possible to get it work how it is set up in my config just with [Lighting] or [Switchable] in those lines??

At least that is how I understand it. Csn’t test, since I do not own an Alex a.
You got to remember that version 1 bindings do not work with PaperUI

I had the same problem with my thermostat. It worked for a while and now it dosn´t. I have changed the line:

String WohnzimmerHeatingCoolingMode "Modus" (gWohnzimmerThermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ] { channel="avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_300:192_168_123_254:119590367200:radiator_mode" }


String WohnzimmerHeatingCoolingMode "Modus" (gWohnzimmerThermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode **" ] { channel="avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_300:192_168_123_254:119590367200:radiator_mode" }

and now it worked again.

It doesn´t work here…heating is okay…but what about the switches. I´m quite confused about the right mapping in the sitemap.

This is the item file

Switch Decke_Kueche1 "Tisch Küche" (gSchalterKueche) ["Switchable"] {culintertechno="type=raw;address=0F00F0000F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0"}

But on the sitemap on/off doesn´t work

Switch  item=Decke_Kueche1 label="Tisch Küche" icon="light" mappings=[commandOn=An, commandOff=Aus]

One further question: I have a group which switches off all lights. After the cul switched about 10 Items it stucks with a blinking red LED. The green one is off. I guess it hangs up because it´s to much. Is there a way to add a kind of pause between the switching of more that 5 items?

What are you trying to map on the sitemap? What is the dersired outcome?
My items are defined like yours, on the sitemap I have:

Switch item=REV_A label=“Sofa-Licht”
Switch item=REV_B label=“Küchen-Licht”

…and it looks like:

Concerning the red LED on the CUL, I can only guess that you reached the limit of commands that are allowed in a given timeperiod. Does the green ligth come back after a while? (I’d assume that, although I have never been in that situation).
In order to get a delay between the send commands I think you would need to use a rule.

without mappings after?

Yes, hence my question why you are using those mappings at all!

works…thanks :wink:

I guess only the sitemap problem is solved!

Concerning the red LED and my assumption that the max send credit is used. Are you sending those multiple signals at once all time (as opposed to switching at times one or the other seperatly). If yes, you could probably set them all onto one code and end end is only one send command needed.

i send them toghether in a group defined through alexa. you can bundle them there in one group but I think every command is send one by one