Alexa and Light Groups

Hello Everyone,
I am using the official Alexa Skill. I tagged some of my Hues and now I am able to control them directly, using Alexa.

But I am not able to get a whole group of them working:
Let’s say I have the group “Living Room” and I want to say “Alexa, turn (light) in Living Room on” and alle the HUEs belonging to that group would switch on.

The Problem is I am not able to find the Group within the Alexa App (While searching for Smart Home devices). I think I nailed it down to the type being “Group” but thats the whole point.

I started doing stuff with paperui and the rest api but in the end it shouldn’t matter:

    "members": [],
    "link": "",
    "state": "NULL",
    "type": "Group",
    "name": "Group_LivingRoom_Lights",
    "label": "Living Room",
    "category": "ColorLight",
    "tags": [
    "groupNames": []

my item file looks like this which Alexa finds

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gLounge “All Lounge Lights [%d On]” (Lights) [ “Lighting” ]

my problem is a dimmer based on doesnt get discovered

What do you mean with a dimmer based on?

Btw this works for me:

Group:Color gLiving "Living" ["Lighting"]
Color hueLivingLightStand_1 "Living Stand Lamp" (gLiving) {channel="hue:0210:0017435:1:color"}

As in a number of dimmers controlled at once. I worked it out.

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