Alexa and openhab

About a month ago Alex started having an issue with groups. At first when I turned off a group of lights alexa said the lights were not responding check your configuration and try again. But the lights would turn off and on. Now alexa can not turn off the lights at all. My configuration has not changed in about 6 months.

The group works fine within openhab

Any ideas?

Group:Switch gLight “All Lights” [“Lighting”]

Have you tried to use the troubleshooting guide? Also, make sure to include the item definitions for the lights part of that group using code fencing. From what I see, the group item definition you mentioned above looks good.

Using Hue emulation? What version?

I removed the alexa skill and added it back. It is now working. I have a few light switches on MQTT, alexa is giving me “the device is not responding error”. I am assuming that is normal now.

If I take out the mqtt switches from the group, it works fine

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