Alexa Binding - Thermostats (i know .. again) ... zwave thermostats working, zigbee2mqtt thermostats not

Hi, I am struggeling with my config. I got 4 working zwave thermostats, that alexa can control, but my single zigbee sonoff thermostat wont work and I have no clue where to look at.

items File:

Group   heizungEsszimmer   "Heizung Esszimmer"                                               {alexa="Thermostat"}
Number:Temperature EsszimmerTemperature "Esszimmer Temperatur" (heizungEsszimmer) {alexa="CurrentTemperature", channel="zwave:device:4b9a982cad:node10:sensor_temperature" }
Number:Temperature EsszimmerSetpoint "Esszimmer Setpoint" (heizungEsszimmer) {alexa="TargetTemperature", channel="zwave:device:4b9a982cad:node10:thermostat_setpoint_heating" }
Number EsszimmerHeizungBattery "Esszimmer Batterie" (heizungEsszimmer) {channel="zwave:device:4b9a982cad:node10:battery-level"}

Group heizungKueche "Heizung Kueche"                                                        {alexa="Thermostat"}
Number:Temperature   KuecheTemperature "Kueche Temperatur" (heizungKueche) {alexa="CurrentTemperature" [scale = "Celcius"], channel="mqtt:topic:thermostatKueche:temperature"}
Number:Temperature   KuecheSetpoint "Kueche Setpoint" (heizungKueche) {alexa="TargetTemperature" [scale = "Celcius"], channel="mqtt:topic:thermostatKueche:setpoint"}
Number KuecheHeizungBattery "Kueche Batterie" (heizungKueche) {channel="mqtt:topic:thermostatKueche:battery"}

thing file (i only use it for mqtt devices):

Thing mqtt:topic:thermostatKueche (mqtt:broker:mosquitto)
        Type number:temperature "Küche Temperatur"   [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/thermostatKueche/local_temperature"]
        Type number:setpoint    "Küche Zieltemperatur" [ commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/thermostatKueche/set/occupied_heating_setpoint", stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/thermostatKueche/occupied_heating_setpoint"]
        Type number:battery     "Batterie"     [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/thermostatKueche/battery"]

In the UI i have no problems, but Alexa only works well with the zWave Thermostats… anything I can look at ?

When trying to set a setpoint, alexa tells me that ““Kueche” does not support this”. Nothing is being sent to openhab, all logs are clean.
Oddest Thing: In the Alexa App I can highen the setpoint, but not lower it. Via voice nothing works.

I hope someone struggeled with this as well … thanks in advance!

Use the Alexa app to lookup your activity history. But this you can review what Alexa understood.

I’m sure that Alexa can understand “Küche”, but does not know that “Kueche” is related to this, as küche and kueche are different words

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haha … this worked … I can now also lower the temperature in the app even though only naming is different. Seemingly naming and caching in combination.

In any case, thanks !

You should be able to request by voice how your last request was understood. Sometimes this is faster than going to get to your activity history.

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