Alexa can not find ikea lamp


I current use openHab 2.5.10 in a docker container. I also use mosquitto and zigbee2mqtt as a container.
I added many devices to openHab and can find them in the alexa app.

For example my working items:

// Power switches
Switch soS20_1 "Steckdose 5" (gGT) ["Switchable"] { mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/SonoffS20_1/POWER:command:*:default], <[broker:stat/SonoffS20_1/POWER:state:default]" }
Switch Gosund_SP111_1 "Steckdose 1" (gGT) ["Switchable"] { mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/Gosund-SP111-1/POWER:command:*:default], <[broker:stat/Gosund-SP111-1/POWER:state:default]" }

// Aqara door contacts
Contact Contact_Buero_State "Status" <window> (gXiaoMiZ2BContact) ["ContactSensor"] {mqtt="<[broker:zigbee2mqtt/DOOR_CONTACT_5:state:JS(getZigbeeContact.js)]"}
Number Contact_Buero_Voltage "Spannung [%d mV]" <battery> (gXiaoMiZ2BContact) {mqtt="<[broker:zigbee2mqtt/DOOR_CONTACT_5:state:JSONPATH($.voltage)]"}
Number Contact_Buero_Battery "Batterie [%.1f %%]" <battery> (gXiaoMiZ2BContact) {mqtt="<[broker:zigbee2mqtt/DOOR_CONTACT_5:state:JSONPATH($.battery)]"}

Some I added via zigbee2mqtt to openHab and some direct to mqtt.

I also setup the openHab cloud. And the alexa binding. And I can find them in the alexa app.

Now I want to add a ikea lamp with zigbee over zigbee2mqtt. I added it to the items

Switch TischlampeBuero "Tischlampe Büro" <light> (gIkea) ["Switchable"] {mqtt=">[broker:zigbee2mqtt/LAMPE_E14_1/set:command:*:JS(setZigbeeState.js)],<[broker:zigbee2mqtt/LAMPE_E14_1:state:JSONPATH($.state)]", expire="120m,command=OFF"}
Dimmer TischlampeBuero_Dimmer "Tischlampe Büro Dimmer" <light> {mqtt=">[broker:zigbee2mqtt/LAMPE_E14_1/set:command:*:JS(setZigbeeBrightness.js)],<[broker:zigbee2mqtt/LAMPE_E14_1:state:JS(getZigbeeBrightness.js)]"}

And added [“Switchable”] to the switch. I have also added it to the sitemap and I can control it with the openHab app.
But I can not find this item with the alexa app. Any ideas?


I also removed on item in the alexa app, and try to find ti again in the alexa app. But i didn’t get it.

For all, who maybe have the same issue. I Alexa Binding is the problem. I read this topic

And use the 2.5.11 snapshot from here

And now all works as in the past.