Alexa confirmation or verification question - is that possible?

OH2.5.10, Alexa Skill v3

Successfully setup Alexa Smart Home Skill, Works great!!!

One thing I would like to ask for,
Can I get a kind of verification question or confirmation from Alexa when using a specific switch?
For example I don´t want Alexa opening accidentily the Garage Door, would be great if Alexa would ask something like “Should I open the Garage Door”
Is that possible?

You could take advantage of the Alexa garage door integration which adds a security pin code to open the door similar to the lock integration.

Unfortunately, this integration is not accessible through a metadata label, currently, as I highlighted to you in the other thread. This means that the setup isn’t that straight forward requiring a proxy item if your controlling item is a Switch item type to use the ModeController interface.


Switch Garage "Garage Door" {channel="mqtt:homeassistant_012669:583ffe5b:012669:012669_5FRL_5F2#switch"}
String GarageAlexa "Garage Door" {alexa="ModeController.mode" [category="GARAGE_DOOR", friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening", actionMappings="Close=CLOSE,Open=OPEN", stateMappings="Closed=CLOSE,Open=OPEN"]}


rule "Garage Door Alexa Commands"
  Item GarageAlexa received command
   if (receivedCommand == "OPEN")
  else if (receivedCommand == "CLOSE")

rule "Garage Door Changes"
  Item Garage changed
  if (Garage.state == ON)
  else if (Garage.state == OFF)

sorry but I don´t really understand this ModeController.mode.
What is the effect of it, will Alexa say something or what is this?

This means I cannot get a PIN or a question from Alexa before opening e.g “Please confirm”?

Just FYI this Garage door opener is a Tasmota Switch used as a relay (1 sec auto OFF)

I’m not familiar with the OH Alexa Skill, but you should be able to accomplish this with one of the NODE-RED Alexa flows. I started using these when I wanted to get more interactivity from Alexa. Using these flows along with the OH flows you can create almost anything. You will need JavaScript experience to craft the functions. Check them out they are really powerful.

Amazon only made the garage door opener security feature I mentioned above using a ModeController interface. The example I provided should work with your setup. It is basically a workaround to get this feature working with your garage door item using a proxy item and rules that sync/update states of original item.

Alexa will ask for your pin code to open your garage door or to setup it via the Alexa app, if not done already.