Alexa connected rollershutter kinda inverted via voice commands

Hi, i have two IKEA Fyrtur roller blinds. Theyre connected via Zigbee2MQTT and work flawless. Now i want to add them to my Alexa system to voice control them.

I added them but immediately found out, that the commands were inverted. So i set the inverted parameter in the .items to “false”. Now the Position (%) is right in the alexa app. When sending them UP or DOWN via the Alexa app, everything works fine. Even when i talk to alexa by voice, it sends the desired blind to the position i want to. (e.g. “Alexa, set the right blind to 40 percent”)
But this is not the case when i am talking to any of my alexas (german) and telling them to “open”, “close”, “raise”, or “lower” them. Alexa ALWAYS gives the exact opposite command to the blind.

Here is my .items file. Hope anyone can help me. The [inverted=“true”]-part fixed the wrong percentages.
To get rid off the errors, i tried to invert it via the actionMappings by myself. Anything i tried did not work. I thought it might be a language problem (even though i configured the language in the openHAB settings), so i added the “language” stuff. Did not work either.

Rollershutter IKEA_Blind {
    alexa="PositionState" [inverted="false", actionMappings="Down=UP,Raise=DOWN,Close=UP,Open=DOWN", language="de"]

I found out what happened. Everything works fine from the beginning. But when telling my Alexa to raise the blind (in german: Rollladen hoch), it just gets the numeric information of the blind and raises the current state by one percentage.

“Alexa, Rollo hoch” (blind up) → Alexa adds a percentage to the current state and therefore the blind goes down a bit.
I need to say “Alexa, Fahre Rollo hoch” (raise the blind) → Alexa sends an “UP” command to the item and therefore it goes up.

Is there any way to prevent alexa from adding numeric information to the current state?

That’s because your voice command is interpreted as “increase” and not “raise”. The former increase the current state value by 1%. While the latter would send an UP command.

Make sure to use these utterances:

Alexa, fahre die Rollo hoch. (Raise)
Alexa, fahre die Rollo runter. (Lower)
Alexa, öffne das Rollo. (Open)
Alexa, schließe das Rollo. (Close)

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