Alexa custom command - OH3 - Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill

I have enabled Amazon Alexa on Raspberry Openhab 3 and I would like to create custom voice commands to read the data of a modbus TCP peripheral.

Is it possible to create commands? If so, what steps do I need?

You can create a routine ( use the Alexa app and define the routine and action that it should do ).
The action e.g. can trigger a rule to be executed.

I thank you for the answer. I would like to know if there is also the possibility to create the routines directly on the OH platform because the Alexa routines are only available on the APP and not on the “” portal. I have to write many commands and through the app it becomes long and complicated.

I am not aware of that it is possible to define routines in a different way than by using the app.

You can use a rule together with the lastVoiceCommand channel to check for the last command.

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