Alexa (Device doesnot support requested value) when discovered items


Today i was trying to emulate hue binding with openhab2 and was able to run it successfully.

The problem which i am facing is when i discover the colorcapable device from alexa the device gets discovered but i get an error message in alexa i.e Device doesnot support requested value.

My item file:

Group Home “Home” [“Building”]
Group GF “Ground Floor” (Home) [“GroundFloor”]
Group LivingRoom “Living Room” (Home) [“LivingRoom”]

//living Light Control

Switch LivingRoom_Light “Light1” (LivingRoom, gLight) [ “Switchable” ]
Switch LivingRoom_Light1 “Light2” (LivingRoom, gLight) [ “Lighting” ]
Switch LivingRoom_Light2 “Light3” (LivingRoom, gLight) [“Lighting”]
Switch LivingRoom_Light3 “Light4” (LivingRoom, gLight) [“Lighting”]

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gLight “Light” (Home) [ “Lighting” ]

//Hyperion Control

Dimmer Brightness “Brightness [%s]” {channel=“hyperion:serverV1:myServer:brightness”}
Color MyColor “Color” [ “ColorLighting” ] {channel=“hyperion:serverV1:myServer:color”}
String Effect “Current effect [%s]” {channel=“hyperion:serverV1:myServer:effect”}
String Clear “Clear priority” {channel=“hyperion:serverV1:myServer:clear”}

My SiteMap file:

sitemap home label=“Home” {
Frame {
Group item=LivingRoom
Frame {
// serverV1 & serverNG
Slider item=Brightness
Colorpicker item=MyColor
Selection item=Effect mappings=[‘Knight rider’=‘Knight rider’, ‘Red mood blobs’=‘Red mood blobs’]
Switch item=Clear mappings=[0=“Clear”]

Any help would be appreciated