Alexa devices with same name but different item type (light and thermostat for ex)


Not sure if the title is clear.
I have Openhab 2.3 on Rpi, bticino openwebnet binding and Alexa working.
I have a light (dimmer) names Living Room and a thermostat named also Living Room, when i ask the Alexa the temperature in the living she says Living Room does not support that.
I there any way to keep the same names and have Alexa be smart enough to know if i ask the temperature she needs to ask the thermostat and not the light ?


The first thing I would do is go into the alexaapp and manually rename one. Then test both of them to ensure they function properly.

After doing so, you could then try naming living room light and living room thermostat.

I would suggest if at all possible though. Name one something different. I had a similar problem with Alexa and a lamp. The easiest fix was renaming as she misunderstood 30% of the time.

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