Alexa Echo/Echo Dot or Alexa Echo Plus?

I wanted to inform myself a bit about which smartspeaker I should choose. Actually I dont know yet exactly for what I will use it :smiley: But so far I could find out that Google has not the best reputation here.

Now I am wondering if I should choose an Echo/Echo Dot or Echo Plus?

Is there a benefit with the Echo Plus?


I can’t give you a recommendation, but the Echo Plus has a built in Zigbee hub. (I don’t know which version of Zigbee it supports though.). It seems to me that if you are using openHAB, you can skip the extra expense for the Plus version of the Echo and use a Zigbee binding.

You probably should do some research on the Zigbee binding in the forum. I’m not sure what its status and limitations are.


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Here on this forum? I ask because I have just the opposite impression. I’d expect the of those who do use assistants half of OH users use Alexa and half use Google Assistant with a few using exotic FOSS alternatives like Mycroft and Jarvis. I personally use Google Assistant speakers and am very happy with the integration and capabilities.

If you plan on playing music on these speakers, the bigger ones will always have better sound quality. If not, smaller is probably better.

I was reading some threads, and I had the impression that some users were complaining about google. Unfortunately I can’t find the posts anymore… haha… maybe somebody can chime in and tell if there is any complication with google compared to alexa?