Alexa/Echo Motion

Is there a way to use the “Ultrasound Motion Detection” on Amazon Echo devices in OpenHAB?

@J-N-K, is there an API for this feature ?

Which version of the binding do you use?

I am on OH 3.4 release.

Hi, also interested by this kind of feature.
There is also this post : [Echo Control] new device echo 5 and new features - #4 by Wolfgang_S
But since OH v4 upgrade I cannot see humanPresenceDetectionState channel anymore.

@J-N-K I have upgrade to OpenHAB. I am trying a workaround creating a “dummy” device in OpenHAB that Alexa can set when an Echo device detects presence. It’s a little clunky. If you are planning on adding this feature into the binding, it would save me from creating a lot of extra work and routines on Alexa :wink:

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