Alexa Groups unavailable recently. Worked in past

Hi guys I have been using alexa for quite a while and this week she stopped controlling the groups. The individual things still work but the groups no longer are available. None of the groups works so not really sure what to do. The code hasnt changed for that.


Any suggestions are appreciated.


Could you provide the OH item definition for the group item you highlighted in your screenshot? Did you configure a group type on these devices?

Thanks for the reply. Everything started working again today. Just strange.

Dimmer      Dining_room_pot_lights              "Dining Room Recessed Lights"   (gDiningroom)          ["Switchable"] 
Dimmer      Chandelier_Dimmer                   "Chandelier"                    (gDiningroom)          ["Switchable"]    

Group:Switch  gDiningroom       "Dining Room Lights"    ["Lighting"]