Alexa: How have you integrated yours?


I’m wondering how others have integrated their Alexa into OpenHab and the home?

I have a number of hidden Alexas so I can just talk and the lights turn on etc. Truth be told, that is all I can do with them.
I can do the “binary” things like “turn the garden lights on”, “turn the pond pump on” etc.
I’m waiting for the functionality “open the blinds” (coming in V3 soon :slight_smile:) but I’ve run out of non-gimmick things I can do.

What other cool uses and integrations do people have?

For a friend I have an echo dot play music when they arrive home via their Pandora account; also had a morning update running automatically providing weather/traffic/calendar info.

Ah yes, that is cool. I did have it play us a welcome when we returned home but it went crazy and, well, I stopped using it :slight_smile: