Alexa, is my dog hungry?

I have a sensor that provides (via MQTT) info on when my dog is fed. I need to do some work to try to create AM and PM feeding schedules and create a variable to hold the condition “is my dog hungry” based on time of day.

This is going to be my first time using Alexa with OpenHAB. I’m wondering if I’m barking up the wrong tree :slight_smile:

If I have a variable holding the condition “Is my dog hungry”, is there a way to get Alexa to tell me “Yes” or “No” depending on the value of this variable in OpenHAB? For the “coolness effect”, I’d like to use the question “is the dog hungry”, and have Alexa answer yes or no. I’m hoping I don’t have to go so far as to write an Alexa skill, but maybe I’ll have to and it’s a fairly simple process?

I just don’t know how the Alexa binding works, and looking for some guidance on easiest path, or if it’s possible. My initial thought is that I need to create a fake “switch” item to represent the dog’s hunger state (1 for hungry, 0 for not hungry). But how to get the voice to work that way I don’t know.

I also have conditions for “are any windows opened”, and would like to be able to ask Alexa to tell me.

Currently you can only ask for the status of thermostats. I believe the recently announced updated API will provide the ability to query the state of more devices, but I’m not sure if the API has even been released yet.

Think @Cody is right in that you can’t ask Alexa ‘Is the bedroom light on?’. She just doesn’t get it :neutral_face:

In a normal world if you can ask her to turn it On or Off you’d equally expect you’d be able to ask is it On or Off? I suspect for now it’s a skill or IFTTT applet (recipe as was). Either way even there you can’t just ask a plain question it would have to include ‘trigger’ words related to the skill or applet.

The OH part is easy if you’re just basing it on time of day and you can set up any simple item with an on off state or otherwise as you choose. Do you have an ‘audio’ enabled sink device linked to OH, you could always have it produce the audio answer - Alexa turn on ‘is my dog hungry?’!! Rule would just play the desired answer sound when turned ON and then turn itself OFF again.

Yeah, Alexa is still a little lacking in these sort of cases.
We currently have to say “Alexa, turn ON the front gate” to open the gate… It drives my wife nuts!


I so know what you mean…we tell Alexa…

Turn on the Front Gate
Turn on the Garage Door

At one time she did respond to “open” but that command seems to have dissapered from her vocabulary!

Alexa…is the dog on?


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