Alexa items not discovered

I am trying to add 2 new items to Alexa and they are not being discovered. I have several dozen items already on Alexa so I have familiar with the process. These are the first mqtt items I am trying to add, but I don’t think that should be an issue. Where can I look for details to the issue? Nothing is showing up in the openhab.log file.


Can you please provide the definition for the items you are trying to add?

There is unfortunately no logs on the server side that can help with troubleshooting these issues.

Well, removed all of my Alexa device to start over and now nothing is loading to Alexa. Any guesses on where I can start troubleshoot?

I am running build 3.2.0…


I have tried all of those things already. The cloud account is working. I deleted all Alexa metadata and then added back one smiple switch through the UI. It is not being discovered and there is nothing in the logs to indicate an issue.

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I had similar issue in the past and try to remove the skill from your Amazon account and add it again

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I tried that too

Is your openHAB cloud service configured with mode set as “Notifications & Remote Access”? Also, is it showing online?

The openHAB cloud connect was set to “Notifications & Remote Access” and it was showing up online. It still would not add device. I uninstalled cloud connect restarted and then added cloud connect back and still nothing. I also cleared cache and restart; and still nothing.

Did you by any change disable the API Security Implicit User Role? If so, the skill will not work if this setting is not enable.

I believe these are all set correctly for Alexa to work.

These looks good.

You can try to set the cloud connector log level to debug. While triggering an Alexa discovery, you should see couple requests hitting your servers REST API. If you do, then it is most likely an item configuration issue. If not, it’s a network issue between your server and

How do I set log level to debug. I have tried

log:set DEBUG

and I get

Error executing command: Unable to set level for logger

Never saw that error before. The only thing I can suggest is to reinstall the cloud connector binding.

Attached is the debug log from the attempt to get alexa items.

It appears like the request is being made, but I can’t tell if the response is being send

Any help in understanding the log file would be helpful. I am still not getting items to alexa.

cloud.log (24.1 KB)

The discovery request from the skill is reaching your server. So it might be an item configuration issue. Can you please remove any Alexa metadata configuration from your server and add a single test switch modeled as such for Alexa?

Remove all alexa metadata.
Added Alexa metadate to Alexa_Switch
Ran device discovery on Alexa
The log showed it defined as exposed and with the metadata but still not be seen by alexa

Any guesses??

cloud.log (648.8 KB)

Apparently there is a limit on the number of items you can have for Alexa to discover your items. I am thinking it is around a 1000. Remove several items for test and my switch was disocvered.

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I assumed you had deleted all your devices on the Alexa side as well. Anyway good to know the limit.

I don’t know if it is an item limit thing or the size of the data stream going to Alexa, but a limit none the less.