Alexa OFFLINE (CONFIGURATION_PENDING) / Authentifcation error?

Dear community,

I am a so called Newbie and started my first steps on openHAB some weeks ago. And please forgive, as this is my first post here. It would like to integrate my Amzon EchoDot to control my already operating blinds, lights and sockets.
But at the moment, after hours and hours of searching google and trying again, I do not overcome the point to get my amazon account activated!

Status of Thing “Amazon Account”:
Please login in through web site: "http(s)://:

Status of my System:

  • openHab 2.5.9-1 on a Raspeberry Pi3+
  • “Amazon Echo Steuerung Binding” installed
  • installed und Application “Alexa Voice control” registered
  • Openhab-Skill on Alexa App Android installed (but no devices visible on search)

Procedure to register my Amazon-Account with openHAB:
1.Thing Amazon Account created
2. Entered http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/
3. choose only object called “Amazon Account”
4. The Login-in Page on my openHAB for Amazon User Account shows up
5. Login in credentails for my personal Amazon Account where Alexa is registered succesfull entered
6. Message, that an authentification mail ist send - page is closing, back point (4) Login-In!
7. Authentifcation received on my mobil phone and web-link confirmed.

But NOTHING changed to my Thing “Amazon Account”.

I tried this at least 20 time, have de-installed things (had a Thing Echo installed), de-installed binding, and tried again from start.

I do not get the mistake I made. I checked above procedure with various description here and in the web and it seems like ok.

I really,really appreciate any hint or advise to give me further chance to figure it out!
Thanks in advance,

You should enable 2 factor authentification in your amazon account.

Hey Dippler42!
Horray and Heureka!!

That solved it in less than 120seconds. Wished posted this a few days ago!

Thanks a million! Let’s move on…

Again, great thanks to this community!
P.S. Is this written in the docs? Just to blame myself in the mirror tonight :slight_smile:

Sorry, thanks Dibbler42! Typo.
Last question: how to flag the post as solved?
Best Kai

You should be able to edit yur first post and there should be an kind of flag - Not sure about that.

And no as afr as i know it is not written in the docs, but the 2 actor authentification is very new. The problem occured about 14 day s ago.

under every post in a thread that you created you should see a square and the text solution next to it.
Click into the square to activate the checkmark. This marks a post as the solution.
The solution then also will be shown direct next to your initial post.

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Thanks to Dibbler42 and Wolfgang_S teaching me!
Enjoy your day!