Alexa & OH2.2 lag

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Hi all,
I have been seeing a lag when asking Alexa to do tasks which she then in turn passes on to openhab to perform, in some cases the delay is so long she concludes that the device is not responding and then a number of seconds after that the action may occur.

I am at the start of my troubleshooting to see where the delays are and how to best reduce them.

Firstly as I run my OH2.2 install on a RPi 3 I checked the load using uptime and it seems to be really good, much better than OH2.1;

On average I see load less than 0.50 whereas previously it was often at 0.80 and if I was using the web basic UI could slip into the poor response times at over 1.20 loading. I no longer see that type of loading so you would thik the actual local OH2 server is not the culprit.

As I see the delays on tasks that are either executing commands on my OH2 servers or even switching a virtual switch I can eliminate bindings and other external devices.

I am left with think of a good way to measure from the moment I issue the command to the Echo device until she sends it to the Alexa app in the cloud. this is the same for all here commands so as the other non home automation commands are not affected I think that is not the issue.

Where I then fall down is that connection from Alexa cloud to OH cloud, and down to my local server.

I have done a very basic test where I ask Alexa to turn on a virtual switch that is caught by a rule at my end and provides a logInfo output, I observed around the log entry on OH2 around 20 seconds after I asked Alexa.

So I now need to see when the command reached my local OH2 server and see if its a delay in the cloud or in my server (but not a loading issue).
Any ideas are welcome.

A couple of us have posted this already. It seems to be a public issue right now and not a user issue.

You are not alone

minutes ago see:

Thanks for the responses.
What is the best practise when there are multiple posts around the same topic, is there one done through a status announcement that we can all use to be informed or do we have to sit and wait and hope it is fixed?

It’s good to know I am not alone, although not sure how well it will be received that the cloud is once again having problems, people think its the internet connection that’s the weak link how wrong they are.



I have been experiencing issues similar to this (alexa will say the item is not responding and the command will trigger very late after she has announced the error). Is there any new thread on this issue? I have found that configuring my alexa on the new alexa app causes these major lags, if I sign out and configure on an older APK alexa app or on my web browser, the alexa works much quicker and efficiently, this however comes with a new set of problems, eg, can’t use a lot of the new alexa feautures and groups dont work well. I’m on OH2 v2.4 and latest alexa app. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for such an amazing powerful piece of software!!