Alexa only discovers my real Hue items but no other items

Hey there,
new to this forum as a poster but followed many of your guides.

I currently have a problem with the hue emulation addon. My openhab runs on a raspberryPi on port 80 and I was able to discover my hue group that I added to openHAB that handles three bulbs in my bedroom.

But I don’t get why Alexa can’t discover my other smart plugs that are otherwise working fine within the UI and Homekit. The plugs are tuya plugs added as general MQTT devices.

I can’t seem to find a way to add those to Alexa. Everytime i remove the hue group from Alexa it’s discovered again on the next search but no other devices are found.

I really hope somebody can help me with my Problem.

Looking forward for your suggestions!