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I have an own openhab cloud and deployed the openhab alexa skill on my developer account which used to work very good for the last 4 weeks. but it stopped working yesterday. The connection between the alexa skill and the openhab instance could be established but was always disconnected.
That’s why I deployed the alexa skill again. Now the connection remains but alexa tells me “I’m not sure what went wrong” when I try give a command.

I wanted that the REST API can only be used with token so I disabled this option

but I reverted that and now the alexa app finds all my devices again but the message remains. (How to make REST calls authorized and still use alexa is another topic I guess)
I called alexa support before deploying the skill again but they told me to contact the skill developer so that’s why I deployed the skill again.

I don’t know what I can try next, so every hint is appreciated.

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I think I had a similar error message a few weeks ago.
I used to have a fixed IP address but it was changed by my internet provider for what ever reason.
At that time I detected that I had no rule in place to update the DNS entry in case the IP changes.
Could it be a similar root cause. As you mention that your devices are found it is most probably something different.

Hi @Wolfgang_S
thanks for your reply! My openhab cloud instance is running on my root server so, a change of the IP address must not be the problem. :sweat_smile:

I just found out, devices are found but if I try to change anything the message “Server is not reacting” shows up and than the device is displayed as not available.

I’m thinking of using my amanda backup from two days ago just to make sure OH is not the problem.
Does anyone have an opinion on this?

What do your Lambda skill function logs show?

Hi @jeshab
thanks for the reply. I’m not really sure if I’m at the right place since the log only shows the deployment

At least I think it has to be the deployment.

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What do you see inside the skill log stream? Any errors?

log streams looks like this

Last event looks like this

Which was the discovery

Looks like no request gets to the lambda function but I have no idea why.

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As @Wolfgang_S mentioned, check if your Cloud Connector is accessible from the Internet. Amazon requests an OAuth2 token from your Cloud Connector prior to sending a request to the Lambda function.

I thought linking the skill to the openhab cloud instance would proof accessibility but it seems like not.
How can I verify the accessibility of the cloud connector?

Try to open the URL you configured with the skill in a browser. You can also disable and re-enable the skill.

I have full access via openhab.MY-DOMAIN respectively home.MY-DOMAIN to my instance at home and disable and re-enable also works just fine. Then I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the Cloud Connector works. :sweat_smile:

Log has changed and has a lot more entries

Now there is not only discovery but also reportState

and no errors whats so ever, telling me that the skill is working just fine.
(Let me know if my conclusion is wrong :sweat_smile:)

So now I contacted Alexa support again. I will let you how that went

Best regards

What action/utterance is triggering the error you are referring to? Can you also provide the Alexa metadata configuration for relevant device you are trying to interact with?

No no, there were NO error. :sweat_smile:
And I think I finally found the problem.
I changed the names of the devices in the Alexa app instead of the alexa metadata of the item (I just found the option few minutes ago under the advanced options).
After deploying the skill because of the initial problem (not able to connect alexa app to the openhab skill) I reactivated the skill and the devices were found, but the first time it was double the number. I didn’t pay attention because I briefly checked (at first glance everything looked normal) and it still found the right number of devices after that, but apparently the devices were found twice after all and probably caused Alexa to not know what to do and show the previously found devices as “unreachable”.

I will now delete all the devices, rename them in the metadata, then hopefully everything will work again and I can mark this thread as solved.

As always, many thanks for the quick and extremely competent help that has led me in the right direction.

Best regards

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