Alexa responds with a question

Hello, Not 100% sure if this is the correct place to post this or not! - here goes…

I would like to know if it is possible or if anyone has managed to use Alexa (via OpenHAB2) in a way so she can ask you a question which would have a simple yes or no answer? There are a number of Alexa skills which do this and it would be really useful to leverage this ability.

for example
Me - “Alexa I am going to bed”
Alexa - “Ok, I’ll turn off the lights for you. Would you like me to set the house alarm?”
me - “Yes”
Alexa - [sets house alarm] “House alarm is armed.”

Thanks B.

Not at this point in time. You could setup an item which is “Bedtime” then you could say “Alexa, Turn on Bedtime” and just have it action everything you need it too. To get around the Alarm, You could have another item “Bedtime with Alarm”

Thank for the reply.

It’s a shame this isn’t currently available. Until there is a way to achieve this I will have to, as you say have multiple rules. with subtly different triggers.

Thanks B.