Alexa skill not showing any devices

Hi there!

I installed the latest openHAB server on my Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspbian) today. I already managed to bind my TV with it and control it via the web interface. However I have not been able to get the Alexa skill to work. I installed the openHAB cloud service, created an account and installed the Skill on my Echo Dot, but when I scanned for new devices, none were found. In the myopenHAB UI, my network shows up as online and Alexa is listed under applications. I have configured the openHAB cloud service to “Notifications & Remote Access”. I have created several more items just to troubleshoot, but none of them show up when I scan for new devices in the Alexa App.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Can you please provide the item definition for the device you are trying to expose to Alexa? Make sure to use code fencing.

Thanks for the reply, I just got it working. Didn’t realise that I need to define the items manually via text instead of PaperUI and add Alexa tags. Works perfectly now.

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FYI, you can also use REST API to add tags for items.