Alexa Skill v3 - strange behaviour


Having a few new problems with Alexa today…I’m on OpenHab 2.4.0-1 and using the Alexa Skill v3 to integrate with Alexa. Now when i turn any light on with an Alexa command the light switches on and Alexa says ‘device not responding’. Even though the light has switched on correctly.

Then, I’m unable to switch a light off with the voice command. If i use the Openhab paperUI, lights swtich on/off correctly.

Have reset my connection to and re-authenticated Alexa. Have re-discovered all my items via the Alexa app, but still does the same.

Here’s a sample of my items updated to support v3 of the Alexa skill:

Switch Light_GF_Kitchen_Island 		"Island" 	(Lights)	["Lighting"]	{alexa="PowerController.powerState", channel="knx:device:bridge:lights:Light_GF_Kitchen_Island" }
Switch Light_GF_Kitchen_LEDs 		"LEDs" 	(Lights)	["Lighting"]	{alexa="Switchable", channel="knx:device:bridge:lights:Light_GF_Kitchen_LEDs" } 
Switch Light_GF_Lounge_Wall 		"Lounge" 	(Lights)	["Lighting"]    {alexa="Switchable", channel="knx:device:bridge:lights:Light_GF_Lounge_Wall" } 
Switch Light_GF_Table 		        "Table" 	(Lights)	["Lighting"]	{alexa="Switchable", channel="knx:device:bridge:lights:Light_GF_Table" }

Any ideas?


The new v3 skill requires a proper state to be available on the item receiving the command. If it cannot get the state, it will determine that the device is unresponsive.

Can you confirm that the state on your light items are updated at the time of receiving the command? If necessary, you can interact with your light item again and provide me with its name along with the region you are located. That way, I can confirm the reason for this error in the skill logs.

Ah ok, that must be the problem then. My devices are all KNX devices, and I’ve been having problems getting the state back before. I can see in the log file that I’m getting warnings every time i switch a light, eg,

[nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - Light_GF_Kitchen_LEDs predicted to become NULL

I’m in the UK

I just checked the skill logs and the item state is missing when the skill is generating the response back for your request. If you can’t resolve the issue with your KNX devices, the best option, at this point, would be to use virtual items that would control these devices while still having their state updated when receiving the Alexa command.

many thanks for checking the logs @jeshab. i’ll try to get the status from KNX but I like your idea of virtual items - i will try that - thanks!

i found the problem…

It was actually my knx settings. I’ve moved to knx binding 2.0 and found a post that recommended slightly different config settings when in knx router mode.