Alexa skills using a Local MyOpenHAB server

Hi all,
I’d like to install Alexa Skills and to link it to MyOpenHAB, but not on… I would rather link it to a server instance installed directly on a personal server inside my home.
I read some articles about this, I thought it could be possible, but when I got Alexa Skills, the server address is hard coded :frowning:
Does any one have done this before ?
Thanks in advance,

29 views, and no answer… Am I the only one to need this ? Or did I miss something ? I didn’t find anything on the different posts :slight_smile:

Yes it works. You need to follow this article:

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Thanks for your answer… I didn’t find this post !
I’ll have a look right now

No worris, make sure you read the comments at the end. Its missing some information

I took time to go deeply inside this article… interesting, but sadly out of date now that an official skill already exists.
So instead of cloning the official skill and changing the url to reach my personal “myopenhab”, I don’t see what I can do.
Actually, from Saturn planet, it seems very simple to resolve this point, just by allowing to provide the URL when installing Alexa’s skill… but it is simple only from Saturn… So I’m sure there are some reasons.
Do you see what I mean ?

No its not out of date. Its the only documentation that I’ve found that allows you to setup OH2 with the skill using a local instance of OH2.

hum… In that case it means I didn’t read it well… so let’s go for it again.
Coming back soon

I use NodeRed for all my Rules and I use this Node to communicate locally. There are limitations with the commands, but i am able to do most things I need locally rather than through a cloud service.


Probably not that much use local MyOpenHAB. I plan to do it. Which instruction did you follow? Is it on RPI?


Thanks @QuagmireMan for this reply… it exactly matches with what I expect, so I’m going to focus on this right now.

@smhgit : You’re probably right… If you want to install your own server, there are many posts on this subject, as far I remember, I started from the following thread (Setup your own openhab-cloud (myopenhab) server/instance) and read many posts.

Let’s play !