Alexa smart home skill vs hue emulation

my openhab smart home went for a year now where I almost did nothing changed. Now I upgraded to v2.5.1 and I’m asking me, if I should switch from hue emulation to amazon alexa skill.

2018 I went with hue emulation because there were some reports that the response time with cloud function is a lot slower than with hue emulation. Because I used hue emulation just for switching lights on/off and to control the roller shutter with percentage commands, everything was to my happiness.

Sadly some month ago the roller shutter doesn’t work like in the past because of an amazon update. After it, when I want to use the roller shutter with hue emulation, the roller shutter does work but alexa always tell me “roller shutter doesn’t seems to work correctly”. And this message is irritating…

So now I’m asking me if there is still some reason to stay with hue emulation? What is with the response time with official alexa skill? Does something changed there?

Thx in advance
BR Marcel

I stopped using Hue emulation long ago and have been happy with the Alexa skill and response time is good for me. I can only advise to try it and see if you like or not.

I am still using hue emulation due to response time.

I believe, The error you are experiencing with hue emulation has a proposed fix in github. You would have to check out the issues and pull request. I don’t know the release date.

today I gave it a try. It feels that with alexa smart home skill there is no more delay in execution of commands vs hue emulation. additionally, rollershutter is working again like it should without the workaround to define it as dimmer.

hopefully it will run always this table and performant like now.

@Thedannymullen I just had a short look into github issue but it reads as a complete different problem.


Glad it worked for you as expected. :+1:

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