Alexa text to speech and announcement doesn' work anymore

Since some days - I guess after the upgrade to OH 4.0.3 - the Alexa text-to-speech and announcement function doesn’t work anymore. There are no erors in the event and openhab log. The event log shows all item changes. All looks complete normal - if I check the openhab amazoncontrol - side also all ok. Amazon account is connected.

I have no clue anymore. Could it be that amazon chance the protocol and the platform doesn’t register it ?

thanks, Christian

You wrote that you have the problem since some days.
In case it really would be a problem of amazon changing the protocol I would expect others reporting this problem as well but I haven’t seen any other person reporting this so its more like a problem in your environment - I guess.

Hi Wolfgang,

I agree in parts, I think not so much use this function of Alexa. The rest works well (I can send commands via Alexa and it works) - it could be that Amazon change something in the syntax of this commands or in the background process and don’t deliver an error response code. It would help if someone create a text_to_speech item for his alexa and send in a dummy rule a text.

The other thing why I guess it’ not part of the infra at home : I have 5 Alexas and every Alexa has the same issue.

Further I have make no changes in the Infra, the only one was the upgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3.


Just FYI, I am on 4.0.2 and was just happily using it, all as expected.

Thanks to all, after some weeks it works without doing anything :-/

No clue what’s the reason.