Alexa V3, Thermostat issues

Since last updates my alexa thermostat configuration is not working anymore

Group Alexa_Heating_Gang “Gang” {alexa=“Thermostat”}

Number Alexa_Heating_Gang_Temp “Gang Temperatur” (Alexa_Heating_Gang) {alexa=“Thermostat.CurrentTemperature” [scale=“Celsius”]}

Number Alexa_Heating_Gang_SetTemp “Gang Zieltemperatur” (Alexa_Heating_Gang) {alexa=“Thermostat.TargetTemperature” [scale=“Celsius”]}

Number Alexa_Heating_Gang_Mode “Gang Heizungsmodus” (Alexa_Heating_Gang) {alexa=“Thermostat.HeatingCoolingMode” [OFF=6,HEAT=1,COOL=3,AUTO=2]}

In the Alexa-App the device is shown as not reachable and on the screen ‘user defined’ is written

Does anybody know, what is wrong with my configuration

Thanks Fhz

The configuration looks good. Can you control your thermostat by voice? Are your other devices affected? If so, can you confirm your server is showing as online in your account?

No, only my thermostats are affected, all other devices (switches and lights, shutters) are working as expected


Have you tried to delete the device on the Alexa side and rediscover?